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We have carefully selected our distribution partners, as we recognise that our supply chain must meet the ever diversifying needs of our customers. Our partners run an international and national daily delivery service for chilled foodstuffs from their distribution centres across Europe and the UK, so that whatever the customer requirement, Italia Formaggi can comply.
Our logistics partner are selected for its flexibility, its short response time and better service for any size of delivery. Our logistics team work very closely with our distribution partners and customers on a daily basis to ensure we are meeting customer’s individual requirements. Our logistic staff is in regular communication with customers to provide accurate information and to work together resolving any problem.
  • 31 sku’s of stock managed each week
  • 99.8% first time service level since the company started trading in Dec 2011
  • 4 full trucks from Italy plus direct deliveries to customers each week
  • an average of 85,000 cases of stock processed for UK customers each month 
Italia Formaggi Ltd
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